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The Fear of Satan or The Fear of God - Proof of God

Proof the bible is true - and Theology

Fearing God

          A friend of mine once asked me, "Why is it that people fear God? Shouldn't be the devil that we fear?" This is a common question among people of religious beliefs who believe in both a God and Devil character. In fact Proverbs 9:10 says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but many people are confused about fearing a loving, caring, self sacrificing God. Especially when the Devil is the one that comes to kill, steal, and destroy according to the book of John 10:10 So shouldn't I fear the Devil more than God? The Devil hates mankind and has been the influence for every bad thing to ever happen to and by mankind since the beginning of time. Here is the big picture that you're missing. God made the devil, God made you and everything in existence. God is the most powerful Being in the universe and is in control of all that is in it. It would be wiser to fear a being as powerful as God compared to someone as minute as the devil.

         The Devil is not beyond the power of God. God never lost control of the Devil. God knew what the Devil was going to do before he did it and knew that Lucifer would turn against Him, but out of love God allowed Lucifer to make those choices to turn against Him because God loved the devil. God did the same with us. It was stupid of Lucifer to turn against God because know one can destroy the devil except for God. No ones spirit can be destroyed by anyone but God, so it would be wise to fear the one who can not just destroy the body but the soul as well. When terrible, horrific, sad things happen all over the world it is God who allows those things to happen and it is God that knew it would happen and uses it to a greater purpose. Hey don't get me wrong I don't understand it either, but how can we understand it when we are nowhere near the highly complex thought process of God. Even though the Devil helps to influence these horrible things and encourages people to do horrible things it is God that is controlling it and allowing it. It is God who decides who will be rich or poor, live or die, peace of mind or stress and turmoil. Obviously it is a wise person who fears the power of God. The question is can you still love a God who allows these things to happen. I know I can! Even though my God may slay me, ever shall I praise Him.

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"Man Power" The Image of God

Christian Theology - Christian Answers

         "God Power" and "Man Power" are the most powerful forces in the universe. Even the Angels themselves do not have the power to create and destroy like the power given to man. Even though Man may have been created after God created angels it is Man that was made in the image of God. Many other creations bare the "finger prints" of God like the ability to love, choose, have anger, see (sight), forgive, protect, hear, etc. Even our faces are "finger prints" like humans, animals, and insects have eyes, and ears, and mouths, but why do humans bare not just the "finger prints" of God but the image of God as well.
        Most people believe it is our ability to communicate but to be more specific it is our spoken language that bares the image of God. The ability to communicate is just a "finger print" because animals and insects communicate and create things all of the time but mans ability to communicate and create goes far beyond what any animal or insect could ever do because of our human brains. Our brains were made in such a way that it allows us to think at levels that would be considered super intelligence compared to animals and insects. The brain would be what I consider to be the vessel for my soul. So I consider the soul to be made in the image of God.
        Man power is nothing compared to God power, but the power God gave to Mankind is enough to destroy the world (don't worry, God won't let us do that). The problem with one human ruler over the entire human race all speaking one language We are a destructive, sinful, selfish, greedy creation. Too much power in the wrong hands is deadly. I'm not trying to knock mankind because we all know what happened to Lucifer and one third of the angels that God created but God did not give the angels the ability to destroy themselves. We were given the that power and as minute as it is compared to the power of God, if mankind were to all think on the same wave, speak the same language, and have one human ruler it would be a super power. Powerful enough to destroy the planet and every living thing on it. In all of creation other than God only man can destroy the world because we were made so close in the image of God. 
        In the Bible there is a story told during ancient times which occurred after the great flood when all of mankind still spoke one language and worked together to create. However, man started to grow too powerful. Because of mans sin nature we abuse power and the people of that time. They wanted to be gods themselves and wanted to reach God. They all came together to build a great tower (The tower of babel Gen. 11 1-9) that would take them to God. When God saw what they were doing He knocked it down and gave people separate languages so that they could not understand one another. This was God's way of protecting mankind from self-destruction. 

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Is There A God? Christian Apologetics

Is there a God? - Christian Apologetics

          Is there a God? Does history prove that God is real? All throughout history there have been recordings of a great being. There has been more recordings of this great being than there ever was of dinosaurs. Well to tell you the truth dragons have been seen more than dinosaurs but that's another story. Many people have their own idea about who invented God. God was not invented and there is so much evidence it's ridiculous. I have even heard such things as the original bible being fabricated but if it were it would have to be the best, most complex, well carried out and executed plan ever in the history of the world (even more than the dinosaur). My friend even tried to convince me that polytheism existed before monotheism just because he read several books without doing his own research. Despite the sudden craze people have with claiming they can disprove the original Gospel, after researching their claims I find huge gaps and holes in their stories no matter how well educated they may seem to be. He told me that the original Bible is that of the Canaanites and Babylonians, and that their bibles focused on polytheism and was the influence for the three major religions of the world. That is nowhere near the truth. Too many holes in the story. For one, he believes that the Canaanite religion came before the first five books of the bible. He believes that it was written around 1600 BC. Well that's when I knew he had been misled. Contrary to what most scholars believe; there is tons of evidence that the enslavement of the Hebrews occurred in Egypt and evidence recorded by both the Egyptians and the Hebrews of how they came to occupy Egypt and evidence of the Exodus. So why do we miss this obvious evidence. Elementary my dear Watson! Simply because of racism and timeline conflicts.

         According to "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed, World timeline is based off Egyptian Timeline because it's the oldest recording of time we have but this is obviously off by 300 to 400 years due to massive amounts of evidence. According to "Master Science" the enslavement of the Hebrews would have occurred around 2300 to 2200 BC and the Exodus would have occurred somewhere around 1900 to 1800 BC. The first five books of the bible were written by Moses around 1900 to 1800 BC which was written 400 to 300 years before the Canaanites and Babylonians even wrote their bible. Not to mention that the oldest Book in the Bible was not written by Moses nor by a Hebrew/Jew. The Book of Job was written by what Meek Godmanseed calls an "Ancient Muslim" (The Bible calls them gentiles) and is assumed to predate the Exodus by 200 to 300 years, that's 2600 to 2200 BC. We can come to this conclusion by studying the writings about Hebrews left behind by Ancient Egyptians.
         Why can't anyone find proof that the Egyptians wrote about the Hebrews. Easy racism! They cannot see the obvious similarity between the Hebrews and Nubians according to "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed.

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Is God Real? - Imhotep Vs. Joseph

Is God real? - God and History

          Many people doubt the validity of the Original Gospel (Biblical History) because they say that the bible is incorrect about the Origin of the Jewish faith. According to the Original Gospel the Hebrews were the first to practice the Jewish religion. According the Original Gospel, the name "Hebrew" is a name given to the monotheistic immigrants who occupied Ancient Egypt along side the native polytheistic Egyptian population, and the name "Hebrew" was given to these people by the Ancient Egyptians themselves. According to the original gospel (Biblical History) the arrival of the Hebrews to Ancient Egypt is due to there descendant Joseph, who was the son of a man named Israel. Israel and his family (including Joseph) believed in one God. According to Ancient Sanskrit this God was called "Allah" which in Ancient Arabic is translated as, "Most High" or "All Mighty" this is why the Egyptians were not offended by the Hebrew faith, because The Egyptians used the word "Allah" to refer to the Sun god. For example: "Allah Sun Ra" or "Sun Ra Allah" According to the Original Gospel, Joseph was blessed by God to interpret dreams and see prophecies from God, because of this gift Joseph was left for dead, enslaved, and then imprisoned as a result of his own brothers jealously. Eventually word reached Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt about a man in prison who could interpret dreams. Pharaoh freed Joseph from prison in the hopes that he could interpret a troubling reoccurring dream that pestered the Pharaoh. Joseph told the Pharaoh that his dream meant that Egypt would undergo a terrible seven year famine, and Joseph showed Pharaoh how to store and preserve grain to beat the famine. According to the Original Gospel (Biblical History) Pharaoh was so pleased with Joseph that he gave him an Egyptian name and gave Joseph charge over Egypt, making his rule second only to Pharaoh. Joseph Having charge over Egypt; forgave his brothers and Joseph's family was allowed to live in the southern part of Egypt where they grew in great number and called themselves "the children of Israel" because they were all descendants of Joseph's father.

          The problem is that people say that there is no evidence that this ever happened. According to many historians these events would have taken place around 2300 to 2200 BC. The Egyptians did not right anything close to those events happening around 2300 to 2200 BC but according to "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed, our translation of Ancient Egyptian timeline is off by about 300 to 400 years. So... if you go back another 300 to 400 years you will run across one of the worlds most famous Ancient Egyptian "Imhotep." The Egyptians said that Imhotep was the only commoner to be exalted to royalty and is famous for ending a Seven year famine that had struck the land. He was considered the father of medicine (introduced medicine to the Egyptians who thought evil spirits made them sick), taught the Egyptians the mummification technique and was the designer of the original pyramids which at that time were used for preservation. What Imhotep and Joseph did for Ancient Egypt is so similar to each other you have to blind not to see that they are the same person and that Hebrew timeline is a more accurate account of God and History.

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God and History
Who is God
Is there a  God 

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Christian Apologetics - The Christian Need To Know

Learning Christian Apologetics

         What is apologetics? Some would say it is the reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, this can be a theory or religious belief. If you are serious about learning religious beliefs then apologetics is a need to know for you. Apologetic reasoning is a good way to find physical evidence that proves the existence of God (is there a God?). Religious apologetics are also a good way to determine the identity of God (Who is God?). 
          If you are interested in the Christian belief it is good to be well educated in not just the holy Bible but in Christian Apologetics as well. Many people give different reasons for why they believe in Christianity, and the majority of them were raised to believe in this faith while others claimed that God called them or that they could feel it. The question is, however, how many people do you see or hear saying that they believe in Christianity because of scientific and historical facts? Well believe it or not, more and more people are starting to believe in God for those reasons. 
          Apologetics can help to explain the concept of intelligence design. Apologetics are also used by many theorists to explain what science cannot. Apologetics is not opposed to either science or history and on the contrary embraces them both as means of discovery and evidence. The question is, "how serious are you about your faith?" Are you willing to do the homework on what you dedicated your life to believe? Well you should!
          I'm pretty sure you have seen one of those commercial announcements asking if you suffered an ailment due to some medication because you may be entitled to a claim? Sure you have, but what if some of those people had did their homework on some of those medication before they took them? They probably wouldn't have taken it. That should go for everything you do. You should know what your eating, before you drive you should learn how, and you should always look before you leap. In a way it is common sense (even though many of us don't use it) to know what your doing or to learn. This same logic should be applied to the faith you believe in. Learn as much as possible about what you believe in and how to defend your belief if necessary.

          If you would like to learn "Christian Apologetics" the best place to start is the Bible. You will not know about scientific and historical proof that point to Christianity without first studying the whole Bible! The reason you should do this is to educate yourself in biblical history and to learn scripture to deter false teachings of the Bible and to help show proof the Bible is true and proof of God. The next thing you should do is study different sciences and study world history. You should also read Apologetic literature. Books based off of Christian Apologetics are great study guides that can point you in the right direction or teach you new things you never knew before. One very good Christian Apologetic book is "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed.

This is a good book because it makes great apologetic points about world history that prove the identity of God. Master Science is a powerfully convincing Apologetic book and the section on God and history will have you glued to the pages and open your eyes to facts you never knew of or even came close to thinking of before. The first section of the book covers some basic examples of intelligent design and helps to prove the concept of creationism. You can also get a free copy of the first section in E-book form. If you would like to download a free copy of the entire book go to