Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christian Apologetics - The Christian Need To Know

Learning Christian Apologetics

         What is apologetics? Some would say it is the reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, this can be a theory or religious belief. If you are serious about learning religious beliefs then apologetics is a need to know for you. Apologetic reasoning is a good way to find physical evidence that proves the existence of God (is there a God?). Religious apologetics are also a good way to determine the identity of God (Who is God?). 
          If you are interested in the Christian belief it is good to be well educated in not just the holy Bible but in Christian Apologetics as well. Many people give different reasons for why they believe in Christianity, and the majority of them were raised to believe in this faith while others claimed that God called them or that they could feel it. The question is, however, how many people do you see or hear saying that they believe in Christianity because of scientific and historical facts? Well believe it or not, more and more people are starting to believe in God for those reasons. 
          Apologetics can help to explain the concept of intelligence design. Apologetics are also used by many theorists to explain what science cannot. Apologetics is not opposed to either science or history and on the contrary embraces them both as means of discovery and evidence. The question is, "how serious are you about your faith?" Are you willing to do the homework on what you dedicated your life to believe? Well you should!
          I'm pretty sure you have seen one of those commercial announcements asking if you suffered an ailment due to some medication because you may be entitled to a claim? Sure you have, but what if some of those people had did their homework on some of those medication before they took them? They probably wouldn't have taken it. That should go for everything you do. You should know what your eating, before you drive you should learn how, and you should always look before you leap. In a way it is common sense (even though many of us don't use it) to know what your doing or to learn. This same logic should be applied to the faith you believe in. Learn as much as possible about what you believe in and how to defend your belief if necessary.

          If you would like to learn "Christian Apologetics" the best place to start is the Bible. You will not know about scientific and historical proof that point to Christianity without first studying the whole Bible! The reason you should do this is to educate yourself in biblical history and to learn scripture to deter false teachings of the Bible and to help show proof the Bible is true and proof of God. The next thing you should do is study different sciences and study world history. You should also read Apologetic literature. Books based off of Christian Apologetics are great study guides that can point you in the right direction or teach you new things you never knew before. One very good Christian Apologetic book is "Master Science" by Meek Godmanseed.

This is a good book because it makes great apologetic points about world history that prove the identity of God. Master Science is a powerfully convincing Apologetic book and the section on God and history will have you glued to the pages and open your eyes to facts you never knew of or even came close to thinking of before. The first section of the book covers some basic examples of intelligent design and helps to prove the concept of creationism. You can also get a free copy of the first section in E-book form. If you would like to download a free copy of the entire book go to  


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