Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Fear of Satan or The Fear of God - Proof of God

Proof the bible is true - and Theology

Fearing God

          A friend of mine once asked me, "Why is it that people fear God? Shouldn't be the devil that we fear?" This is a common question among people of religious beliefs who believe in both a God and Devil character. In fact Proverbs 9:10 says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but many people are confused about fearing a loving, caring, self sacrificing God. Especially when the Devil is the one that comes to kill, steal, and destroy according to the book of John 10:10 So shouldn't I fear the Devil more than God? The Devil hates mankind and has been the influence for every bad thing to ever happen to and by mankind since the beginning of time. Here is the big picture that you're missing. God made the devil, God made you and everything in existence. God is the most powerful Being in the universe and is in control of all that is in it. It would be wiser to fear a being as powerful as God compared to someone as minute as the devil.

         The Devil is not beyond the power of God. God never lost control of the Devil. God knew what the Devil was going to do before he did it and knew that Lucifer would turn against Him, but out of love God allowed Lucifer to make those choices to turn against Him because God loved the devil. God did the same with us. It was stupid of Lucifer to turn against God because know one can destroy the devil except for God. No ones spirit can be destroyed by anyone but God, so it would be wise to fear the one who can not just destroy the body but the soul as well. When terrible, horrific, sad things happen all over the world it is God who allows those things to happen and it is God that knew it would happen and uses it to a greater purpose. Hey don't get me wrong I don't understand it either, but how can we understand it when we are nowhere near the highly complex thought process of God. Even though the Devil helps to influence these horrible things and encourages people to do horrible things it is God that is controlling it and allowing it. It is God who decides who will be rich or poor, live or die, peace of mind or stress and turmoil. Obviously it is a wise person who fears the power of God. The question is can you still love a God who allows these things to happen. I know I can! Even though my God may slay me, ever shall I praise Him.

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